Competency Assessment Hub

Online Competency Assessment Hub offers laboratories a single platform to meet requirements for CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program and CLIA regulations as well as to fulfill laboratory professional continuing education (CE) needs. Also available are Safety & Compliance courses specific to the clinical laboratory.

Competency Assessment Hub includes:
  • Updated online interface that is intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Subscriptions that cover a single laboratory or an entire healthcare network
  • List of standardized assessment questions to build assessment courses matching your laboratory’s procedures to demonstrate problem-solving skills effectively
  • High-quality Pro courses that offer your laboratory staff PACE CE credits in a variety of disciplines and courses
  • Instrument-specific observation checklists for competency and training
  • Course-building and modifying tools
  • Individual transcripts
  • Competency assessment tools to bundle activities, to auto-schedule and auto-assign assessments, and to document all six elements of competency.
  • Excellent administrative reports to track your staff’s progress toward required dates and training
  • Easy access to a cloud-based platform available 24/7 from any PC, laptop, or tablet

Seats Available: 250