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Analytes/procedures in bold type are regulated for proficiency testing by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Stain/Tissue Challenges/
Shipment A
Shipment B
Number of Shipments
H&E - Pleural fluid, with mesothelial cells 1 Two shipments per year
IHC - Calretinin on pleural fluid with mesothelial cells 1
H&E - Lymph node FNA cell block with metastatic carcinoma 1
IHC - TTF-1 lymph node, TTF1 positive metastatic carcinoma 1
H&E - Pelvic wash with serous carcinoma 1
IHC - Ber-EP4 wash with serous carcinoma 1
H&E - Nonneoplastic lymph node FNA biopsy 1
IHC - CD20 nonneoplastic lymph node FNA biopsy 1

This program augments efforts to improve the preparation of H&E and immunohistochemical slides in all anatomic pathology and cytopathology laboratories involved in the handling of cell block preparations.

Program Information

  • Participants may submit up to four H&E stained and coverslipped glass slides (one from each category) per mailing.

Shipping Schedule

  • Shipment A: January 22
  • Shipment B: June 17