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POC Competency Challenges help POC coordinators streamline operator education (initial training and ongoing competency). These programs include standardized specimens that can not only be used to train operators and assess competency but also to evaluate/troubleshoot instrument and method performance for waived and non-waived tests.

Expected results will be provided. These programs are not proficiency testing programs and participants will not return results to the CAP.

POC Competency Challenges may have limited availability and stability.

Analytes/procedures in bold type are regulated for proficiency testing by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Program Name Challenges per Shipment Number of Shipments
Medtronic ACT/ACT Plus, i‑STAT® Competency 5 Shipments available upon request

Program Information

  • Five abnormal 1.7‑mL lyophilized whole blood specimens with five corresponding diluents and one calcium chloride diluent vial; compatible with Medtronic HemoTec ACT/ACT II/ACT Plus, Medtronic Hepcon HMS/HMS Plus, and i‑STAT® Celine and Kaolin ACT
  • Each program provides material to test up to 5 staff

Shipping Schedule

  • May be purchased any time during the year