The Clinical Informatics Resource Guide is one of three CAP Resource that bring a set of resources together in one place to focus on specific technology important to pathologists. Each guide highlights current resources, such as a curated set of journal articles, and a collected set of CAP resources, that includes learning opportunities, and accreditation issues related to these technologies. Also, each Resource Guide includes an "Insights from Adopters" section to gain perspective from pathology leaders in the field. This Resource Guide is designed in a modular manner to facilitate its use in several different ways. For example, the guide may be used in its entirety as a comprehensive resource to the rapidly evolving field of clinical informatics; or, it may be used by a pathologist to focus on a specific topic that is especially pertinent to your institution. The Resource Guide is written for the pathologist who is not a clinical informatics specialist, but who needs to be aware and knowledgeable about clinical informatics topics. The content has been reviewed by experts at the CAP, but does not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the College of American Pathologists.

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