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Blaine A. Mathison, BS, M(ASCP)
Bobbi S. Pritt, MD, MSc, (D)TMH, FCAP

Arthropod Benchtop Reference Guide is an illustrated guide to common ectoparasites. For students and medical technologists, it’s an affordable, convenient way to identify commonly encountered parasites quickly and confidently. Its rugged construction is well suited for heavy use at the workbench.

Featured include:

  • More than 25 identifications of ectoparasites commonly found in the clinical laboratory, including ticks, mites, lice, bed bugs, kissing bugs, fleas, and myiasis-causing fly larvae and pseudoparasite
  • Detailed descriptions of the arthropod morphology, ecology, and clinical significance
  • Eight tabbed sections for easy reference
  • Sturdy, laminated guide with a unique 6½” x 7” size for benchtop use

Contents (PDF, 115 K)
Sample pages (PDF, 887 K)

Spiral bound; 82 pages; 65+ images and tables; 2016

Non-Member Price:   $89.00  
Member Price:  $89.00   

User-friendly, laminated guide that contains more than 25 full-color ectoparasite identifications commonly encountered in the clinical laboratory plus detailed descriptions of the most significant morphologic elements, ecology, and clinical significance.