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John H. Sinard, MD, PhD, FCAP

This CD contains more than 2000 images from the CAP 1992-2010 Autopsy Pathology (AUCD) and the 1990-2010 Forensic Pathology (FR) programs. The anthology allows you to:

  • View images in three different modes:
    • List: Case is listed by program, year, patient age, and diagnosis
    • Browse: Images are filtered by category (eg, cardiovascular, CNS, external exam) and/or image type (eg, gross, H&E, scene)
    • Search: Images can be accessed based on matching key words or word fragments
  • Customize the anthology by adding your own images and categories
  • Use a standard Web browser on any operating system, with no software to install

CD-ROM; 2000+ images; 2013

The gross examples, across a spectrum of organ systems, are unparalleled in scope. It will have great application in a variety of settings within professional, medical, and GME education. Outstanding!

Mary Ann Sens, MD, PhD, FCAP
Professor and Chair of Pathology, University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

A practicing pathologist can refer to this CD as a trusted source for information and review and refresh their own knowledge. The CD is unique simply because it can supplant the Internet search as a trusted place for images.

Amy C. Gruszecki, DO, FCAP
Forensic Pathologist, American Forensics LLC, Dallas

With the decreasing numbers of autopsies that residents are seeing, and the skew towards certain types of cases, and not others, this CD significantly increases their autopsy “exposure” to many different case types, beyond just whatever cases come in while they are on the two-month rotation.

B.K. DeMasters, MD, FCAP
Professor and Head of Neuropathology, Department of Pathology, University of Colorado

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This CD contains more than 2000 images from the CAP 1992–2010 Autopsy Pathology (AUCD) and the 1990–2010 Forensic Pathology (FR) programs